Summertime Is A Great Time To Get In Heavy Work For Your Kids!

summer time play and heavy work activities improve proprioception in children

So what exactly is “Heavy Work”? Essentially, it is any activity that pushes or pulls against the body. It may help kids feel more regulated and can also help with their attention and arousal level. While performing these activities, our sense called proprioception, or body awareness is engaged. This form of sensory input to muscles and joints can be very calming and organizing for children. Often times, kids seek out heavy work input in order to help regulate themselves and may neglect safety doing so. Now that is it summer, it is the perfect time for kids to engage in safe, outdoor heavy work activities while enjoying the beautiful weather! 

Here are some ideas:

  • Swim

  • Push a wheel barrow 

  • Climb up a slide or playground equipment

  • Ride a bicycle or tricycle

  • Jump on a trampoline

  • Swing on monkey bars

  • Push a friend on a swing

  • Dig in the sandbox

  • Gather firewood

While correcting your child's sense of proprioception can be improved through the use of sensory integration therapy with an occupational therapist, these simple and fun outdoor activities will naturally improve proprioception as well.