Therapeutic Groups For Children In Chicago, IL

All groups our led by an occupational therapist (OT) and a speech and language pathologist. Oak Tree limits group size to 3-6 children to maintain a high student-teacher ratio in order to foster social development, reinforce new skills, and ensure that every child reaches his or her maximum potential within the group.  Within each group we tailor the curriculum for each child and are continually reassessing each child to provide the best possible placement. 

The goals of the group are to help children with self-regulation, problem solving skills, play skills, and social interactions.  Group is for children who are experiencing difficulty using appropriate communication skills while interacting with peers. We focus on improving social skills by encouraging initiation, turn-taking, flexibility, and creativity, and teaching children to recognize and respond accordingly to non-verbal social cues.  The group will address each child’s individual sensory needs and interests, promote success and progress through feelings of enjoyment and accomplishment.