Speech and Language Therapy

Oak Tree Developmental Center’s speech and language pathologists have expertise in administering a wide variety of assessment tools to help you determine your child’s needs.  Our SLP’s are experienced in evaluating and treating delays in expressive and receptive language, articulation, feeding and social pragmatics for kids of all ages.  We use our small treatment rooms as well as the big gym area to keep kids excited about developing the language skills they need in order to be successful communicators.  Our therapists collaborate with physical therapists and occupational therapists in order to treat kids as whole people and maximize their functional skills.  We work closely with parents and caregivers to encourage carry over at home.  

Speech and language therapy at Oak Tree Developmental Center in Chicago is provided through individual treatment sessions and in small groups.   We offer language motor groups that allow children to combine language skills with gross and fine motor skills to reach their goals around communicating with peers in a group of up to 6 kids.